21-Days No Sugar

We all are aware about the fact that sugar is harmful to our body and may create adverse effects at later stage. So, why not let's cut sugar for 21 days and see our results. The challenge will include cutting off sugar completely and intake of more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nutrients dense foods. With 21-Days No Sugar Program, get these health benefits: 1. No Bloating 2. Better Skin Health 3. Better Gut Health 4. Steady Weight 5. Better Focus At Work Are you ready to accept our 21-Day No-Sugar Challenge? Enroll with us now and get your Personalized Diet Plan!


Pushpa Sharma

Pushpa Sharma

Dietitian & Nutritionist

Pushpa Sharma is currently working as The Head of The Department of Dietetics Department, Marble City Hospital, Ajmer. She believes in Creating Healthier Lives and keeping oneself healthy with good diet and exercise. Specialization: Sports Nutrition, Diabetes, Hypertension, Weight Gain, Obesity, Pregnancy, Surgeries, Trauma Care, Cardiac, PCOD, Cholestrol-Control Diet, Pediatrics, Cancer, Clinical Diet