Muscle Gain

Follow our experts' recommended muscle gain diet plan and achieve your goal in the easiest way possible. • We have various monthly packages. You can enroll with the registered dieticians of your choice and fill up all the details • We would contact you within 24hours and set your consultation with our registered dietitian/nutritionist at your preferred date and time • Our registered dietitian/nutritionist would assess your health issues and deliver the customized plan for you • Our experts would provide you with a healthy plan, healthy and nutritious recipes, any lifestyle changes, and follow-ups • We would be available 24*7 and you can mail us, if there is any issue regarding your plan • We would connect you with your expert as per your and expert’s preferred time • Our experts would become your confidant for any health advice At Nutriotalk, we believe in Creating Healthier Lives!


Anju Singh

Anju Singh

Health and Nutrition Coach

Anju Singh is a Dietitian and Health and Nutrition Life Coach. She creates personalized nutrition and dietary planning based on body types and health goals. Specialization: CVD, Diabetes, Gout, PCOS, Thyroid, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Pregnancy Nutrition and Post Partum Weight Management